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  • Associate - Associate Membership

    35.00 EUR


    Individuals wishing to join ICMM as an ASSOCIATE member and who are staff members of a FULL member should send a letter by email to the Secretary General at [email protected] with details of their position and role at the FULL member institution.

    Individuals who are not staff members of a FULL member institution, and who wish to join as an ASSOCIATE member, should obtain a letter of recommendation from a FULL member institution and send it to the Secretary General at [email protected] together with their personal details and involvement in maritime museums, or other maritime interests.

    All applications for ASSOCIATE membership will go before the ICMM Executive Council for acceptance. On confirmation of membership, the membership fee is payable.

    Please note that ASSOCIATE membership is not available to institutions, or to individuals representing maritime museums. All institutions should apply for FULL membership.

    Price: $USD50

    Price: 35 Euro

  • Affiliate - Affiliate Membership

    75.00 EUR

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