Hosting a regional conference under the ICMM banner

Background: In the Spring of 2012, ICMM’s Executive Council established a working group to develop a proposal for the first regional ICMM-flagged workshop. The proposal for a Northern European workshop was approved by the ICMM EC. In March 2013 the first workshop organised under the ICMM banner was held at the Maritime Museum & Aquarium in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fifty participants from twenty maritime museums in eight countries in Northern Europe gathered for two intense days to share experiences in workshops, case studies and talks. The workshop was judged to be a good start for this ICMM initiative. In May 2017, another successful Northern European workshop was organised by the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Poland. 

The following guidelines have been prepared for the guidance of organisers wishing to stage future regional workshops under the ICMM banner

1: A proposal to stage an ICMM-flagged Regional Workshop should be sent to the ICMM Executive Council for approval, addressed to the President and Secretary General. The proposal should give outline details of the event including the name of the host institution and any institutional partners.

2: Applications to host ICMM Regional Workshops must be lodged at least 5 months before the date of the event. 

3: The subject matter of the Workshop should be connected with maritime heritage and/or maritime museum business.

4: The institution hosting an ICMM Regional Workshop must be a full institutional member of ICMM. Ideally, any institutional partners in the Workshop should also be ICMM members but, on occasions, there may be good reasons for exceptions to this.

5: An ICMM Regional Workshop must be organised, administered and funded by the host institution and, where applicable, partner institutions. Fees may be charged to delegates to recover costs.

6: Prior to any promotion of the Workshop, the workshop organising committee should circulate the programme and proposed content of the workshop to members of the ICMM EC for constructive comment.

7: The organisers of an ICMM-flagged Regional Workshop should invite the President of ICMM, or the President’s nominee, to open the event and, where appropriate, to present a paper.

8: ICMM cannot be mentioned in any advance promotion for a Workshop until formal endorsement has been received from ICMM.

9: The Workshop organiser should submit a short report to the ICMM Secretary General within a month after the event, and a report on the Workshop for the ICMM website.


For further enquiries or to lodge an expression of interest to host a regional conference under the ICMM banner, please email the ICMM Secretary General: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.