Two important Chinese maritime events

2016 China National Maritime Day 

The China National Maritime Day was established on July 11th 2005 by the Chinese government to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Chinese great navigator Zheng He’s first expendure to the west. 

The twelfth China National Maritime day was held in the port city of Ningbo, China in July this year. There were various events and celebrations on the theme of ‘Great maritime new silk road’.

The ‘Sailing for more maritime culture forum’ organised by the Institute of Ancient Chinese Ships was one of the official forums, and gathered more than 20 maritime experts and scholars. Through academic discussion, public lectures, maritime exhibitions, and traditional performance, Chinese maritime culture and history was promoted. 

Congress delegates in Weihai

Congress of Chinese Maritime Museums Annual Meeting held in Weihai 

The third annual meeting of the Congress of China Maritime Museums was held in Weihai (Northern China) from July 15th - July 17th 2016.  More than 40 delegates from 21 different organizations participated at the two day meeting. As the secretary of general, the Shanghai China National Maritime Museum delivered an annual report for the past year, and work scheduled for the future.

The meeting also reached agreement on future exhibition co-operation. At this year’s meeting, two new members joined the congress, China Port Museum in Ningbo, and China Customs Museum in Beijing and became new members of the family.


The meeting was organised by Sino-Japanese war museum in Weihai, and next year's annual meeting will be held in Grand Canal Museum in Liaocheng in Shandong province China in October 2017.