News from the Maritime Museum of San Diego

 The Maritime Museum of San Diego, USA, last year (2015) completed a remarkable feat – the building of a replica 16th century galleon, San Salvador, which recall the first European ship to sail along the Californian coastline and outer islands.

 San Salvador took more than four years and an estimated $USD11 million to build and the outpouring of community support was inspiring.  

More than 400 Volunteers spent nearly 100,000 hours helping build the Spanish galleon. As of early March 2016 she is nearly rigged and preparing to be certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, after which she will make an historic Pacific Heritage Tour, calling into several ports as she heads north to San Francisco and the outer Channel Islands.

Much toil and sacrifice has gone into the construction of this ship and Maritime Museum of San Diego President, Ray Ashley, Ph.D., will receive a great honour by order of the King of Spain in the coming months in recognition of this achievement.

You can read an update on the project here from the latest issue of the Museum’s magazine.


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Founded in 1927, the Maritime Museum of San Diego contains one of the largest collections of historic and replica ships in the U.S. Perhaps unusually, the Museum is constituted entirely of its floating vessels, many of which operate, and some of which also contain temporary and permanent exhibits on their history and the maritime history of San Diego and the region. 

The ship collection has grown substantially over the last several years and now includes: the 1863 Tall Ship Star of India; the 1898 steam ferry Berkeley; the 1904 steam yacht Medea; the Russian Foxtrot-class attack submarine B-39, USS Dolphin AGSS 555 (the U.S. Navy's deepest diving research submarine); the replica eighteenth-century 24-gun frigate Surprise (used in several Hollywood films); the replica nineteenth-century U.S. Revenue Service Schooner Californian (the official State of California Tall Ship); 1914 pilot boat Pilot, and the Vietnam-era Swift Boat, PCF 816.  The sixteenth-century replica ship San Salvador is the latest addition to the fleet.

The Museum is on San Diego Bay's picturesque waterfront and is open 365 days a year.  Link: