New brand for Australian National Maritime Museum

Kevin Sumption, Director & CEO of the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) in Sydney writes about the Museum’s new brand.



















“It’s taken over two years research and design development, but finally in mid-December 2018 we launched the new Australian National Maritime Museum Brand, together with our new On Sharks and Humanity exhibition. 

“For more than five years, major change has been well under way at the ANMM, both inside and out. So it was only fitting that in December 2018 we unveiled the next stage of our revitalisation – a bold, new, attention-grabbing logo and striking colour scheme inspired by the SEA. All our the ANMM’s staff, volunteers and visitors have a common bond – our passion and connection with the sea and its many stories – so our new brand has taken the word SEA to its heart to try to create a much stronger emotional connection with the museum and everything we do.

“The new brand work is presented in the Frost Collective case study at this link:

“Today, museum visitors expect to have a very personal relationship with “their” museum. And to do this museums need to deploy both new “personalising” technologies and also ensure they have a clear and consistent message that’s evident in everything they do, from merchandise to exhibits. Just as importantly museums need a distinct way of speaking and communicating in order for them to be better heard, quickly recognised and most crucially, easily remembered. 

“If museums can successfully do all these things they have a better chance of “being remembered” in the crowded cultural marketplace, which I sincerely believe the ANMM’s fresh new look will help achieve.”

Kevin Sumption PSM, Director & CEO, Australian National Maritime Museum