New book from Peter Neill, World Ocean Observatory

Peter Neill, Director of the World Ocean Observatory, and well known to ICMM members, writes about his new book:

The Once and Future Ocean — Notes Toward a New Hydraulic Society, is my contribution toward the global conversation about the ocean, its meaning and relationship to our future survival. 

The book argues for a new paradigm for value, structure, and behaviour organised around the ocean and its relationship to climate, fresh water, food, energy, health, security, development, and cultural traditions. It proposes water, in all its cycles of circulation and conveyance, as the single most important resource for our civilisation to survive, and projects a ‘new hydraulic society’ as a design and demonstration for this new way of living. 

What underscores the argument is the inevitability and urgency of the transition away from obsolete policies, institutions and systems toward new sustainable structures and behaviors that will guarantee and amplify our future.  

I hope my ICMM colleagues will consider the message, and, if you will, support an idea designed to bring together all our work into a new vision, to build a new community of ‘Citizens of the Ocean,’ and to invent a future that is practical, equitable, sustainable, and just for ensuing generations.  

 The Once and Future Ocean – Notes Toward a New Hydraulic Society?   With a foreword by Dr. Paul Mayewski, Director, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine : 398 pages – Formats: Cloth, Trade Paper, Mobipocket, PDF, EPUB : Order now from your favourite local bookstore,, or

World Ocean Observatory