Åland Maritime Museum wins 'Museum of the Year' award

At the Finnish Museum Association’s annual meeting on 25-26 May 2016 in Inari, the Åland Maritime Museum was awarded the title ‘Museum of the Year’. The museum was one of five finalists, selected from a long-list of 17 museums. The jury’s motivation for choosing the Åland Maritime Museum was:

The Åland Maritime Museum is an excellent example of how co-operation, efficient networking and solid research lead to interesting and well-presented exhibitions, an astonishing rise in visitor numbers and a strong position in the local community. The Åland Maritime Museum is distinguished in its own specialist field and an active museum.

In the choice of the Ålands Maritime Museum as Museum of the Year the jury wants to highlight the museum’s exemplary and well-organised activities within its local community. Specialists within the maritime industries offer the museum its know-how and technical expertise. Volunteers contribute with valuable contributions in the care of Åland’s maritime heritage and in doing so they become a part of an enthusiastic and dedicated museum community.

Needless to say Director and ICMM Executive Council member, Hanna Hagmark-Cooper, was thrilled with the award.

      Hanna and the winning trophy 'Esko'

Shortly after Hanna's museum's win, she travelled to Australia, visiting Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. During her stopover in Sydney as well as visiting cultural institutions in the city, a visit to the Sydney Opera House was a must. Hanna saw a performance of Carmen, and also had dinner with ICMM Executive Council colleagues Kevin Sumption, Director of the Australian National Maritime Museum, and Alan Edenborough from Sydney Heritage Fleet.


Against the spectacular backdrop of Sydney Opera House, Hanna is flanked by Kevin Sumption (left) and Alan Edenborough (right)