Members Only - Full Membership of ICMM Category 2

Museum's annual turnover in Euros: 500k €-
1 million €

Museums wishing to apply as FULL members

of ICMM should send by email, to the Secretary

General at [email protected]


a letter of application, on museum stationery

and signed by the museum's director or a board

member. A guideline document which sets out

all the questions to be answered and can be used

as the format for a museum's letter of application

on its own stationery, can be downloaded

by clicking here.

The application will be considered by the ICMM

Executive Council and, if approved, ratified by

the ICMM General Assembly at the next biennial

congress. Membership fees are payable after

an application is accepted. The Secretary General

can answer any questions an applicant may have

about the membership process.


Price: $USD265

Price: 200 €

On this page are listings of ICMM’s members - Full museum members, Associates and Affiliates. Full museum members may be accessed by searching by country, or by museum name. Click on the membership headings to see the listings