Congress Keynotes

Our two keynote speakers also took us on a voyage through an appreciation of our rich maritime heritage in addition to the present challenges facing the use of our seas. Lincoln Paine, author of The Sea and Civilisation: A Maritime History of the World (2013) gave us much to think about regarding our global maritime history and the responsibility of maritime museums to express the tremendous depth and breadth of that heritage in a manner that is compelling and relevant. He also shared with us four key reasons why maritime museums are important today, but that is a subject for another article.

Frederick Kenney, Director, Legal Affairs and External Relations Division for the International Maritime Organization (IMO), helped us understand the important mission of IMO, its priorities moving forward, and how collaboration between IMO and ICMM might well be mutually beneficial. There is great opportunity here for ICMM to exercise its voice as an effective advocate for international maritime matters.

The program committee, led by Nigel Rigby of Royal Museums Greenwich, provided us with a robust and deep program for which we are most grateful. Steps are underway to gather the abstracts of the presentations to be posted on this website so that those of you who could not join us would have the opportunity to get a sense of what we enjoyed in Hong Kong. If an abstract looks interesting to you, please contact the presenter directly for more information on the paper. I also encourage all of you who did attend the Hong Kong Congress to complete the conference evaluation form, as your input is enormously helpful as we craft the next Congress. In case you’ve lost yours, please click here to obtain a printable copy.





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