2017 ICMM Congress - Valparaiso, Chile 15-20 October

2017 ICMM Congress - Valparaiso, Chile 15-20 October
Date: From October 15, 2017
until October 20, 2017
Location: Chilean National Maritime Museum

Event Details

ICMM will hold its next Congress, from 15-20 October 2017

The host museum is Chile's National Maritime Museum. Planning for the Congress is well advanced under the direction of ICMM Executive Council member and Director of the Chilean National Maritime Museum, Rear Admiral Cristian del Real.

Kristen Greenaway, from Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, USA, heads the Congress Programme Committee. The latest Programme details are below, or you can download a copy of the latest update of the programme here.

Cristian del Real has put together two presentations as an introduction to Chile and the 2017 Congress.

Chile, Valparaiso and an outline of the 2017 Congress* – click here

Introduction to post-Congress tours – click here

* Note this is based on the outline programme. Up-to-date programme details below.

ICMM 2017 Congress Program

19:00 Delegate registration and Opening Reception - National Maritime Museum
09:00 Welcome By: Cristian DEL REAL, Director, Chilean National Maritime Museum; and Steve WHITE, President, ICMM; President, Mystic Seaport, Mystic, USA 
09:50 Setting the Scene: Fernando L. WILSON, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile
The role of the Chilean Navy and Navy Personnel in Relation to Valparaiso’s Heritage
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Introductory Session: Margo HOTUS, Council of Elders, Easter Island  -  Rapa Nui: A humanity's heritage
11:30  Alan EDENBOROUGH, ICMM’s International Historic & Traditional Ships Panel, and Sydney Heritage Fleet, Australia
How are Historic Ships, Afloat and Ashore, Faring in Today’s Cash-strapped World?
Hanna HAGMARK, Director, Åland Maritime Museum
Case Study: Revitalizing a historic ship for today's maritime museum 
13:00  LunchNational Maritime Museum

Dr. Dominique BOUCHARD, Head of Education and Public Programmes, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong
The Coral Triangle: Multi-sector partnerships, dispersed expertise and exhibiting cutting-edge scientific discoveries
Frits LOOMEIJER, Managing Director, Maritime Museum Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Offshore Experience: A game changing project of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam
Roberto GIORGI, President, Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare, Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa, Italy
Involving Entrepreneurs in Supporting Maritime Culture 
, Secretary General, Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare, Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa, Italy
Discovering New Tools to Promote and Communicate Maritime Culture 

15:30 Coffee Break
 16:00 Steve WHITE, President, ICMM; President, Mystic Seaport, USA; Kristen GREENAWAY, President, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, USA; Carlos Pedro VAIRO, Director, Museo Marítimo de Ushuaia, Argentina; Prof. Dr. Ruth SCHILLING, German Maritime Museum, Germany; Dr. Marcelo WEISSEL, Universidad Nacional de Lanús, Argentina; Marika HEDIN, Director, Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum, Sweden.
Six-Speaker Panel: Major projects happening at six maritime museums
 20:00 Evening Reception  -  National Maritime Museum
 09:00 Introductory Session: Armando CARTES, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
Hunting Mocha Dick
 09:30 Kevin SUMPTION et al, Australian National Maritime Museum, Australia
Planning and international collaboration to celebrate the 250th+ anniversaries of Captain Cook’s voyages
 10:30 Coffee Break
 11:00 Davina Kuh JAKOBI, Junior Conservator for Ship and Scale Models, Rijksmuseum, The Netherlands; Emily MALCOLM, Curator of Transport & Technology, Glasgow Museums, Scotland; Simon STEPHENS, Curator of Ship Models and Boats, Royal Museums Greenwich, UK; and Oskar BRANDENBURG, Head of Collections Management and Preservation, Het Scheepvaartmuseum, The Netherlands
Panel: (Re)Discovering Ship Models in Four Maritime Museum Collections: Addressing the challenges associated with interpretation, collections management, and institutional knowledge 
 12:30 Pierangelo CAMPODONICO, Director, Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare, Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa, Italy
We Were Onboard Doria: Finding a new exhibition path for the intangible heritage in a contemporary maritime museum
 13:00 Lunch  -  El Cardonal Market
 15:30 Tour  -  Valparaiso
 08:30 Richard WESLEY, Director, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong
Art in Working Life: Poster art and the development of the modern Chinese maritime industry 
 09:00 Sang Hyun LEE, Team Leader Exhibition Planning, Korea National Maritime Museum, Korea
Introducing the Korea National Maritime Museum, and Forecasting the Direction of Korean Marine Culture
 09:30 Depart by coach  -  Isla Negra
 11:30 Tour  -  Pomaire
 14:00 Lunch  -  Pomaire
 18:00 Tour  -  Vineyard, Casablanca
 09:00 Introductory Session: Rodrigo MORENO, Professor of the Liberal Arts Faculty and Director of the History Department, Adolfo Ibanez University, Chile  -  Cape Horn in the XIX Century
 09:30 Megan LICKLITER-MUNDON, NOAA Maritime Heritage Project, USA; and Christopher DOBBS, Head of Interpretation and Maritime Archaeology, Mary Rose Trust, UK
Connecting Audiences with Underwater Archaeology in Real-Time, and Reality and Virtual Reality in Maritime Museums
 10:30 Coffee Break
 11:00  Paul E. MAXWELL, Director, Chilean Maritime Heritage Corporation, Chile  -  Maritime Museums Dealing with Underwater Cultural Heritage: Bad regulations and things we cannot see—any solutions ahead?
André KIROUAC, Director, Naval Museum of Québec; Naval Reserve Headquarters; Department of National Defence, Canada  -  A Museum Approach to the Columbus Discovery Syndrome: Rediscovering vanished objects
 12:00 Alejandra HUERTA, Studio Alerta, The Netherlands
Slide Presentation: Visualizing the sailing routes discovering Cape Horn
 12:30 Ursula WARNKE, Director, German Maritime Museum, Germany  -  Authenticity in Archaeological Exhibitions
 13:00 Lunch  -  National Maritime Museum
 15:00 William ROKA, Historian/Operations Associate, South Street Seaport Museum, USA
Making the Walls Talk: The role of public history in the interpretation of maritime history
Martina CARUSO, Collections Manager, South Street Seaport Museum, USA
To Be Touched and Used: Collections management issues in maritime museums
Franca ACERENZA, Curator/Head of Educational Services, Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare, Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa, Italy   -  Discovering Nautical Instruments: a new interpretation
 16:00 Fernando Nilo NUNEZ, CEO Recycla, Chile
Sailors for the Ocean Conservancy: Public participation in preserving Chilean waters 
 16:30 Marika HEDIN, Director, Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum, Sweden
“The Vikings Begin:” A discovery project 
 19:00 Tour  -  Valparaiso Bay
 09:00 Open Forum: Challenges Facing Today's Maritime Museums 
 10:30 Coffee Break
 11:00 - 12:30 ICMM General Assembly (all delegates welcome, but only ICMM members may vote)

Peter NEILL, Director, World Ocean Observatory, USA  -  Inventing a New Maritime Museum for the 21st Century

 13:15 Lunch  -  National Maritime Museum
 14:30 Tour Option 'A'  -  Naval tour; Esmeralda Battery; Punta Angeles Lighthouse; Naval Oceanographic and Hydrographic Service, Navy HQ
  Tour Option 'B'  -  Floating Dock
 21:00 Congress Formal Dinner  -  Marine BBQ
From Saturday 21 October Optional post-Congress tours - Preliminary details here
   Programme as at 26 February 2017

Location Map

Address Details

Chilean National Maritime Museum Veintiuno de Mayo 45, Viña del Mar, Viña del Mar, Región de Valparaíso, Chile

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