The Offshore Experience, Maritime Museum Rotterdam

The Offshore Experience, Maritime Museum Rotterdam
Date: Starting on December 15, 2016 Location: Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Event Details

In mid-December 2016 the Offshore Experience, an interactive show about the technology and search for sustainable - CO2 neutral - energy on and from the sea, was opened in the Maritime Museum Rotterdam by Marjan van Loon, president-director of Shell Netherlands.

Since the opening of the exhibition the visitor numbers to the Maritime Museum have almost doubled.

The museum was able to realise this 4.5 million Euro project with the support of the offshore industry, many cultural foundations in the Netherlands and the ‘Bank Giro Lottery Fund'.

To see a video of the exhibition opening event and further information about the  offshore energy search, click here

Address Details

Maritime Museum Rotterdam Leuvehaven 1, 3011 EA Rotterdam, Netherlands




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