IHTS Project Reports

IHTS Panel Best Practice Guidelines research

Since its latest full meeting in 2013 in Portugal, the Panel working party has been continuing its research into worldwide case studies and legislative frameworks which can be used to further develop the Panel's Best Practice Guidelines project. It is anticipated that a draft of the Guidelines will be available during 2015 and for the 2015 Panel meeting held in conjunction with the ICMM Congress in Hong Kong.

IHTS Panel meeting, Bristol, UK - March2012 – Summary report

A copy of the full summary report for the IHTS Panel meeting held in Bristol in March 2012 is available to download by clicking here (the report includes the IHTS Best Practice Guidelines project outline - see details below).

The Bristol report also summarises key decisions made at the inaugural IHTS meeting in Rotterdam in 2011.

IHTS Best Practice Guidelines Project

IHTS' initial major project is the development of a set of international best practice guidelines. The work done on the project to date was reviewed by the Panel at its London meeting in February 2013. A working party was established at the London meeting to develop the project ready for review and approval at the Panel's September 2013 meeting. This Panel meeting immediately precedes the 2013 ICMM Congress in Cascais, Portugal, at which the project will be publicly launched.

The ongoing work on the project will be reported on this website.

The project concept adopted by the IHTS Panel in Bristol in 2012 is available to download here.





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